The makeup of your startup’s founding team is going to be the difference between success and failure. This session will focus on how you can source a co-founder and startup team during university. Learn how to balance your university life being an entrepreneur and ways you can be an effective leader when managing your team.

Team & Execution.


Today’s entrepreneurial landscape is irrevocably tied to technology. Every new venture is bound to it, even those operate as traditional brick-and-mortar stores. This session will highlight the importance of being tech-savvy and finding the right tech talent. Explore the various avenues your startup can outsource technology.



All great startups start off with an idea followed by years of hard work. This session will help you evaluate whether your startup idea merits further investment of your time and money. Identify your company’s value proposition by creating a business model canvas and test your key assumptions. These steps are crucial during the early stages of every startup.

Idea Validation


The best founders maintain a direct connection to their users throughout the lifespan of their company. This session will highlight the importance of achieving a product-market fit through user feedback and iteration. Learn about various frameworks you can use to communicate with users and evaluate which customers you serve best.

Customer Validation


No startup idea is risk-free, building a minimum viable product (MVP) is a single reliable way to mitigate the risk of investing into a product that will fail. This session will discuss the different ways you can build your MVP with real-world case studies. Learn about low and high-fidelity prototypes and how you can build a solid proof of concept for your business idea.

MVP & Prototyping


Once you have an early version of your product and know who your target customers are, it’s time to launch. No startup launches the “perfect” product, but this session will highlight the importance of building your product through customer feedback. Explore the various ways you can take the first version of your product to the market.



Products built from a customer-centric mindset often succeed early in their life cycles. This session will focus on how you can develop your product with customer feedback through the build-measure-learn cycle. Learn how to bridge the gap between a minimum viable product (MVP) to a minimum marketable product (MMP) and beyond.

Building a Product


Whether fundraising for your startup, or simply meeting with advisors and potential hires, being able to accurately describe your startup is essential. This session will underline how you can craft your pitch and communicate it in a way that effectively grabs your audience's attention.



Branding and marketing is incredibly important to a startup’s internal solidarity, customer outreach, and overall success. This session will focus on how you can market your product on a tight budget. Learn about conducting market research, building a brand identity, and leveraging various online tools to help your startup stand out from competitors.

Branding & Marketing


Building relationships, be it with customers, investors, or partners, is fundamental to achieving long-term growth. This session will teach you how to convert customer leads, build win-win partnerships, and generate revenue through business development. Explore proven sales models and learn about customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Partnership & Sales

Key Events

Key Events

Mentor Day

Attendees will have the exciting opportunity to take part in a speed mentoring day, with each session lasting 10 minutes. Afterwhich, a networking session will follow in order to provide startups with the opportunity to connect and follow-up with other mentors.

Campus Demo Day

10 startups will be presenting their business ideas to a panel of judges in hopes of being one of the top 5 finalists selected to pitch their idea at the Shard Pitching Day in London.

Shard Pitching Day

The Shard Pitching Day celebrates the end of Warwick Incubator's year-long curriculum, showcasing the incubator's brightest startups and entrepreneurial students. The top 5 finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to a panel of angel investors and venture capitalists, followed by an evening of networking, talks, and light refreshments.



Each one of our start-ups gets paired with an external one-to-one mentor. These mentors have each created their own business at some point in time, so can offer valuable advice from their own experiences. Mentees are expected to meet with their mentor on a weekly basis, creating regular and consistent feedback - vital to a start-ups success.

Our Internal Mentorship Team

Finance Mentor

Divyang Jagiwala

Divyang is a veteran with 25 years of investment experience. He was a winner of the Indian government’s “The Young Entrepreneur” award and is currently a chair of the Economic Development Committee within a local government for Lubbesthorpe area of Leicestershire. Divyang is acting as a finance mentor for the Warwick University’s Incubator programme as he has an altruistic motive of promoting entrepreneurship in youth and has expertise in providing much needed business as well as financial advice to new and upcoming businesses.

  •Private Equity Programme - Oxford University
  •Exec MBA - Warwick University
  •B.A. Software Engineering - Stephenson CollegeB.Sc.
  •Industrial Chemistry with Management Studies - Sardar Patel University, India

Marketing Mentor

Lucas Starkloff

Besides marketing-centred modules that Lucas has taken at University, he has been involved in multiple marketing activities in a variety of different industries. Lucas’ most recent experience includes preparing a car presentation for a local car dealership and running a social media campaign for the student-led project Warwick Hyperloop. Moreover, Lucas has been recently been designing and promoting products for a food-retail start-up that he’s founded.

Operations Mentor

Grace Farias

Seasoned operations manager with 9 years’ experience managing teams to deliver transformational change, operations improvement, and cost reduction projects across Latin America.  Country Manager responsible for Lan and Tam Airlines merger, covering procedures alignment, customer experience, and change management initiatives.  Advised 30+ airports in Latin America in operational execution and provided follow up assistance to boost customer experience and performance indicators.

Strategy Mentor

Vedaant Jain

Vedaant is a final-year Economics student at the University of Warwick with experiences at Ernst & Young UK and the Strategy team of a large FinTech. Having witnessed his dad’s journey as an entrepreneur, Vedaant is passionate about working with startups. He has pursued his interest in business strategy through a career in consulting – being extensively involved with the Warwick Consulting Society and leading the London Consulting Summit – and now looks forward to helping startups build innovative yet practical strategy.

Technology Mentor

Tushar Bhatnagar

Seasoned digital executive, leader and a strategist. Proficiency in data science, machine learning, computer vision, product and process design. Tushar is passionate about supporting small and medium scale businesses make optimal strategic investment decisions as they innovate, manage risk and grow in an ecosystem where success will be defined both by competitive edge, innovation and collaborative working.

Current Portfolio
Co-Founder  /CTO - Cognixa Technologies Pvt. Ltd.: Design and Develop AI centric Realtime analytics solutions.
CTO / Head of Research - AIOTIZE Pvt. Ltd.: AI enabled IOT solutions. Working on UAVs, rovers, IOT using AI enabled backend. We are using the cognitive engine designed at Cognixa for this purpose.
Technology  Consultant -VidiCrew: Helping the core team design and implement  automated  video sourcing and editing technology.
Founder CEO -Alpha AI Ltd.: Alpha AI is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research and Consulting company that aims to introduce  AI through strategy and consultation using machine learning tools in Healthcare,Energy, Travel, Legal, Space Technology and Defence industries