Meet the team

A team of dedicated individuals based at Warwick University. Our team is committed in helping student entrepreneurs unleash their businesses potential.

Our Board

James Goforth

2019/20 Incubator Director. Interning at SEED start up, Investor at the Creator Fund. 3x Intern at FTSE 100 companies

Stefan Van der Fluit

3x founder. Led growth at Facebook and 2018 Dutch national Ironman age group champion.

Raphael Weninger

Founder of Warwick Incubator, current Director of Ventures at Empact Ventures, a drama practitioner and enabler of entrepreneurs who is passionate about creative learning approaches.


Locky Wright

A message from the Director

University is a truly unique time in that you have a huge number of like-minded, bright, and driven individuals all in the same place. With this, we have found that student entrepreneurship is thriving and growing each year, with more than a third of students in the UK now wanting to own their own business at some point in time. Unfortunately, while students excel in drive and passion, our age often limits the amount of experience we have.

This is why Warwick Incubator was founded; to bridge the gap in teachings and offer support for very early-stage ventures on campus. We do this by bringing in industry experts to coach and guide student entrepreneurs, helping them to achieve their business dreams. As an Incubator can be assessed on the quality of the business it produces, we have a genuine stake in making every start-up in our cohort as successful as they can be.

Our team is of equally passionate and driven students to the founders we incubate; each enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and not just looking to "fill up their CV". With this, we have been working hard all summer to make sure the programme has not been affected by the pandemic, and with the help of the advisory board, we are in a position to make this the best year the Incubator has seen to date.
Good luck to all the applicants and I look forward to working together to help your business grow!


Curriculum Director

Sejal Agarwal

Curriculum Coordinator

Vinny Singhal

External Relations

External Relations Executive

Karan Kohli

Head of External Relations

Dawid Goliszek

External Relations Executive

Joseph Asaoka-Wright

Finance Team

Finance Director

Trisha Mahnot

Finance Executive

Shanay Mehta

Financial Advisor

Mario Valencia

Marketing Team

Marketing Director

Clara Marcelli

Marketing Executive

Nilufar Abasova

Marketing Executive

Shreeja Reddy

Marketing Executive

Krishna Mehta

Marketing Executive

Karam Singh

Internal Mentors

Finance Mentor

Divyang Jagiwala

Operations Mentor

Grace Farias

Marketing Mentor

Lucas Starkloff

Technology Mentor

Tushar Bhatnagar

Strategy Mentor

Vedaant Jain

Technology Team

Head of Website Content

Vishaka L.

Head of Technology

Marvin Calvaire